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    Introduction to the User-interface    

Introduction to the Healthgate User - interface

After a successful Login the start-page opens (Figure 0.1).

Figure 0.1: Start-page

Short description of this page:

  • Menu: Here you find all relevant items for working with the Healthgate service:
    Data-entry, Queries, Report, Data-transfer and administration. Depending on assigned privileges, some items might not be visible.
  • Status- bar(top): Here you see your Login-name and the centre. The Logout button is at the far right of this bar. To leave the program simply click here, for security reasons you should always log out when finished working with the program.
  • Home, Team and Contact: Back to the start-page, about the team behind Healthgate and how to contact us....


Depending on assigned privileges, the following items are available in the main menu. This table describes what can be done with each one:

Data-entry Search for, edit and set up a new patient
Edit sheets, print
Compile new sheets
Queries Generate standardized queries
Data transfer Enter CSV-or XML -formatted data into the data bank
Administration Edit center-settings
Set-up new users, edit and delete users
Administer local studies
Set units being used at the centre

In the left upper part of the menu you can find the button , with which you can minimize the menu at any time. This can be quite useful, especially if you have a small monitor. To bring the menu back, simply click on .


Not only these pages are designed to assist you in working with Healthgate-BARS; Everywhere you see this question-mark , additional assistance is offered to the current dialogue (window).



    Introduction to the User-interface    
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