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Data transfer to the Healthgate

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Peter Beck,


A data-exchange format for the FQSD-Dataset has existed for years. The data are saved in CSV-format. The saved data therefore have the suffix .csv.
Patient administration systems such as DPV and EPRAX offer this interfaceto the FQSD data-set. The data from scanned sheets are also saved in this format.

This short note describes how CSV-files are transferred to the Healthgate server and how possible faulty data-sets can be edited.

Transfer takes place in three steps

  • Creating a CSV-file:
    Export the files out of your patient administration-system (please see the respective softwaredocumentation for details on this step)or scan the sheets and save them as CSV-file.
  • Transfer the CSV-file to the server
  • Edit the imported data-sets
    Should a imported file not pass the plausibilityrequirements, it cannot be immediately be added to the data-bank but is temporarily stored for further editing of missing or invalid entries.Only then is the data-set imported in to the data-bank.


Data-upload - transferring a CSV-file to the server
Editing imported data


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